About Us

    The International Exchange Center was established in March of 2010.This office is responsible for the international communication and cooperation of Lijiang College of Guangxi Normal University.
  According to the policies and regulations of the National foreign affairs, the International Exchange Center is responsible for the school’s overseas educational exchange and cooperation, going abroad on business matters and the management of foreign teachers .It is also responsible for the overall work of the Foreign Affairs.


Campus Life
Front door of Lijiang College
International Exchange CEnter
American Morehead University visited Lijiang College
International Exchange Center
Teachers in America
Julius and PE major students
Happy Easter
Halloween Party
group photo of morehead university and Lijiang college students
gift exchange with Hanoi state university of Vietnanm

Cooperation and Development Department,Lijiang College, Guangxi Normal University Add: 3 Yanzhong Rd., Yanshan Dist., Guilin, Guangxi, P.R.C., 541006

Tel: (++86)773-3696650 (++86)773-3699355 Fax: (++86)773-3699355


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